Rendering Server


Rendering server is the type of server where you need not buy the whole server instead you can rent it for days or months you wish to. This is for the people who don’t need server for lifetime and have limited use or for the people who cannot afford buying whole server at instance.

Rendering server is same as buying a new server where you can install softwares and applications or make changes of your choices.

Our Rendering Server Price

  • Level 1
    • 16 per Hour
      • 6 Core Processor
      • 2620 V2
      • 64 GB Ram
      • 120 GB SSD Storage

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  • Level 2
    • 18 Per Hour
      • 8 Core Processor
      • 2620 V2 X2
      • 64 GB Ram
      • 120 GB SSd Storage

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  • Level 3
    • 21 per Hour
      • 12 Core Processor
      • 2620 V2 X2
      • 64 GB Ram
      • 120 GB SSd Storage

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  • Level 4
    • 25 Per Hour
      • 16 Core Processor
      • 2620 V2 X2
      • 64 GB Ram
      • 120 GB SSd Storage

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Static IP

Each unit consists of its own static unit to maintain privacy and speed.

High Speed Internet Connection

We provide the user very high download and upload speed so the are able to complete their task efficiently.

Uptime Protection

We assure you 99.9% uptime with our server. We have 24/7 running staff to assure your working.

Fastest Hardware

Extremely fast hardware to speed up your working.

Still Confused? Our Server Support Is available 24/7


How am I protected from the hackers?

When you buy the server, you are provided with SSL (Secure Socket Layers). The SSL in a networking protocol which helps you to transfer your important or private files safely. It encrypts the links between the user and the web server.

What if some problem arises?

We have technical support team available 24/7 at your service. If you go through any problem you may contact our technical team at any time and from anywhere

How often would I need to back up my data?

You need not worry about the backing up of the data. We automatically back up your data at regular intervals and also your backed-up data is provided to you whenever you need it.

What if my server gets damaged?

We offer replacement warranty on the servers. If any server gets damaged in the warranty period the user is assured a replacement service in a day to keep your running your work smoothly.