Smart Dedicated Server

Latest Driver Support and Security Patches


Using this server you need not have to worry about privacy and security for your data. you can provided with all the benefits of the public cloud. you also need not have to worry about the maintenance as our server are updated with antivirus and firewalls.

Our Smart Dedicated Hosting Price

  • Level 1
    • 5775 Monthly
      • 16 GB Ram
      • 120 gb SSD storage
      • 5 Ip

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  • Level 2
    • 9200 Monthly
      • 32 GB Ram
      • 240 SSD storage
      • 5 Ip

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  • Level 3
    • 11500 Monthly
      • 64 GB Ram
      • 450 SSD storage
      • 5 Ip

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Fast Setup

We provide servers within 1 hour after payment is cleared even on weekends

24/7 Support

Our friendly support agents are available 24/7 for you and provide customer support

Gigabit Network

Only Provider in India to Offer True Gigabit Port Take a trial RDP in our Network and run a speedtest

Server Grade Hardware

Truly Server Grade hardware with XEON Processors and enterprise level HDD for every dedicated Server

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How am I protected from the hackers?

When you buy the server, you are provided with SSL (Secure Socket Layers). The SSL in a networking protocol which helps you to transfer your important or private files safely. It encrypts the links between the user and the web server.

What if some problem arises?

We have technical support team available 24/7 at your service. If you go through any problem you may contact our technical team at any time and from anywhere

How often would I need to back up my data?

You need not worry about the backing up of the data. We automatically back up your data at regular intervals and also your backed-up data is provided to you whenever you need it.

What if my server gets damaged?

We offer replacement warranty on the servers. If any server gets damaged in the warranty period the user is assured a replacement service in a day to keep your running your work smoothly.